Anjali Chandrashekar 

Anjali Chandrashekar is an experience designer and creative strategist working at the convergence of digital products and human-centered services.

Pulmonary Embolism (PE) Symptom Tracker

Designing a platform for at risk PE community to ensure they enter the diagnostic funnel in a timely manner.

AI Enabled
SMB Marketplace

A new marketplace and community for businesses,
by businesses.

Hotline In A Box

Designing open tools and guidance for setting up locally-relevant, low-cost hotlines in emergencies

Companion Chat

AI enabled chatbot for survivors of sexual assault

Data Visualization 

Visually intepretting the DOE’s plan for handling COVID-19 outbreaks in schools

Paani Project

Designing a product and market-based solution to address the problem of fluoride contamination in ground water levels in India