Election ABCs

Our Story
We are activists, writers, and designers who created Election ABC’s to be a resource that educates, empowers, and engages people to not only vote, but better understand our political system. When it comes to elections, we believe there are no dumb questions and that everyone deserves access to information that can lead them towards making the best most informed decision for themselves and their communities. So we decided to explain it all - from  A-Z, to help our peers navigate the U.S. elections in an accessible way.

Why Now?

If you remember learning anything about U.S. democracy back in middle school, then you remember that it’s complicated. What is the electoral college? How exactly does voting work? What the heck is a PAC? Having a basic understanding of the different facets of the U.S. government and the voting system can help us to become more informed and empowered voters, but it's challenging to know where to begin. Election ABCs offers readers an entry point into understanding U.S. elections from A-Z through visuals, easy to digest definitions, and links to resources where you can learn more and take control.

Palika Makam, Shivani Persad

Special Thanks
Sindhura VS, Aishwarya Sadasivan and Dhiya Choudhary

Mar-Jun 2020