Paani Project


How might we use market-based approaches to expand
water and sanitation solutions among low income households in India?


The Paani (means water in Hindi) Project is a product
and market-based solution to address the problem of
fluoride contamination in ground water levels in India.

What’s the situation?
Access to safe drinking water and hygienic sanitation are true necessities for healthy families. Yet access rates for water and sanitation remain stubbornly low in most low-income countries. In India alone 77 million people lack access to safe water 769 million lack accesses to hygienic sanitation.

What is OpenIDEO and what is the Water and Sanitation Challenge all about?
OpenIDEO is an open innovation platform fostering a global community to solve big challenges for social good. This Challenge focussed on developing solutions that support households and market-based suppliers as they invest in rapidly improving access to safe drinking water and hygienic sanitation in India.

The Team
When a designer, scientist and entrepreneur meet, interesting ideas brew.  
Our team comprised of Ramya Ahuja, a Material Scientist from Columbia University, Nitin Jayakrishnan, a tech-entrepreneur with experience in core industries like infrastructure, logistics and education and I bridging both their expertise into the core product design, research and strategy.
Systems Thinking, Strategy,
Design Research, Industrial Design

Check out our submission here︎︎︎ and indepth PDF here︎︎︎